Service to Developers

Ownerscorp Commercial has been appointed by several leading developers to guide a project through from the initial planning stages to completion.
The services we provide are summarised as follows:

Draft budgetsPrior to commencement of marketingRequires confirmed but not final Plan of Subdivision (“POS”) plus schematic drawings
Special RulesOngoingLiaise with the developer’s solicitor in the preparation of OC rules (NB: Ownerscorp Commercial can supply a generic set of rules for any type of development)
AdviceOngoingAdvise developer on matters affecting the common area and the POS
ContractsPrior to Occupancy Permit (“OP”)Investigate contracts for essential service monitoring post handover, including cleaning, gardening, waste management and post practical completion warranty surveillance

Note: All of the above are provided by Ownerscorp Commercial at no expense to the Developer.