The Team

▪ Our Founder, Tony Boothroyd, entered real estate in 1967 and has maintained his Estate Agent’s License since 1970. He has been involved in body corporate and now owner’s corporation management for over 40 years.
▪ Tony was an adviser to the State Government of Victoria in the drafting of the original Residential Tenancies Act, 1980. He was also a Member of an industry Committee which formulated recommendations to the Government on the implementation of the Owners Corporation Act.
▪ Ownerscorp Commercial listened to complaints of overcharging by managers and subsequently implemented an “in-inclusive” package proposal. We stand by our “no added extras” commitment.
▪ Our team includes:

➢ Aaron Harvey – Property Manager. Previous employment with Fleet Partners (8 years) where he was responsible for the technical development and operational implementation of industry leading Customer Experience Net Promoter Score. Aaron supports Chris in the day to day customer and operational management and maintains a flair for managing IT initiatives.
➢ Craig Pearce – Director and Chief Financial Officer. Previous employment with ANZ Banking Group Ltd (32 Years) specialising in Collections (15 years) & Consumer/Small Business Lending & Account Management (6 years) along with various Branch roles. Craig is the financial controller of Ownerscorp Commercial and together with his team ensures effective collection strategies are employed.

Chris Boothroyd

Mobile: 0411 261 591


About Chris: Director and Senior Property Manager. Previously employed with ANZ Banking Group Ltd & Esanda Finance (12 Years) and Fleet Partners (12 Years) specialising in Relationship, Supplier and Customer Service Management. Chris holds an MBA from Deakin University. Chris is responsible for the strategic and overall financial/budgetary management of our Owners Corporation portfolio.