Our Duties

The following duties are considered ‘standard’ and performed in accordance Sections 120-122 of the Owners Corporation Act and form part of our fixed annual “all inclusive” fee;

  • Chair all meetings of the Owners Corporation (if required), preparing Notices and Agenda for meetings, record Minutes and maintain full records of Meetings
  • Attendance at formal meetings of the Committee (Note: There is no limit to the number of meetings we attend
  • Collect fees and special levies authorised by the Owners Corporation in accordance with the liability of the respective units
  • Maintain Owners Corporation Register, record the affixing of the common seal in the common seal register, to answer & receive correspondence, to prepare and issue Owners Corporation Certificates, to make available Owners Corporation documents & records and provide information on behalf of the Owners Corporation in accordance with Regulation 313 of the Privacy Act 1988
  • Regularly inspect the property to ensure all sub-contractors are performing their duties in accordance with their job specifications, to maintain a full schedule of contracts affecting the servicing & maintenance of the common property, to ensure all contractors have current Public Liability insurance cover, to ensure the property complies with all Essential Services legislation, to undertake regular Health & Safety Audits (as required), and to report any matters requiring attention to the Committee of the Owners Corporation
  • Undertake day-to-day maintenance, repair & replacement of the common property as authorised in the annual budget, to obtain quotations for all works considered necessary or desirable which may not have been provided for in the annual budget
  • Maintain insurance policies and process insurance claims on behalf of the Owners Corporation
  • Establish/maintain operation of Maintenance Fund (where applicable) for the replacement of capital items
  • Generally inform the Committee and the members of issues affecting the common property and any proposed legislative changes which could impact on the Owners Corporation