Service Values

Unlike a normal investment property, the effective management of an Owners Corporation involves four different and unique requirements; at Ownerscorp Commercial we call it “The Four Avenues of Service”. These can be summarized as follows:

  • Accountancy Requirements – for an Owners Corporation to operate efficiently, it’s income and expenditure must be strictly controlled in accordance with a pre-determined budget. Most members look upon this as the most important pre-requisite of efficient Owners Corporation management. Our computerised “Stratamaster” accounting system meets all of the requirements of properties, both large and small
  • Building Requirements – building must be regularly inspected so ensure the Owners Corporation is meeting the expectations of it’s members. In many cases, potential problems might not be apparent to most people and the means of solving these problems to even less. This is something which only comes after being involved in properties for many years and few, if any, Owners Corporation managers share this depth of knowledge
  • Legislative Requirements – whilst the operation of an Owners Corporation falls primarily under the Owners Corporation Act 2006 and the Owners Corporation Regulations 2007, there is a host of legislation which must also be taken into consideration. This includes the Building Regulations, the Subdivision Act, the Residential Tenancies Act, the Sale of Land Act, the Fences Act and the Estate Agents Act. A thorough working knowledge of all current legislation affecting property is therefore essential
  • Conciliatory Requirements – an Owners Corporation is a small community and, like society itself, there will often arise areas of disagreement amongst its members. Experience in dealing with members of the public is therefore an essential pre-requisite of an Owners Corporation manager. Timely and effective communication is at the heart of our approach and commitment to you and your Owners Corporation