Points of Difference

Ownerscorp Commercial has addressed the concerns expressed by many Owners Corporation members regarding the services being offered by their managers;

  • Control over manager’s fees – Our “all-inclusive” fee structure sets out exactly what will be charged each year without any hidden or extra costs
  • After hours contact – Details for all key personnel are provided to the Chairman and Committee to ensure 24/7 access in case of emergencies
  • Continuity of Manager – We are a family based company, thus ensuring continuity of service to its clients
  • Performance based – Our engagement as Manager can be terminated at any time by ordinary resolution at a General Meeting of the members
  • Property Management expertise – Together, Ownerscorp Commercial personnel hold over 100 years in property and Owners Corporation management experience
  • Inspections – Properties are inspected regularly and any matters requiring attention are reported immediately to the Committee of the Owners Corporation
  • Interest accruals – Funds for each owner’s corporation are held in separate ANZ interest bearing trust accounts