The York Apartments

Address: 8-12 Olive York Way & 3-9 Duggan St, Brunswick West 3055

Key things to know about The York…

  • The York has a total of 315 apartments, across 4 separate buildings, and a split level car park with two entry/exit gates
  • All residents must read & comply with the registered OC Rules for this complex
  • There’s only one car space, garage remote and storage cage per apartment, as per the Plan of Subdivision
  • Residents must book an apartment move in/out with the OC two business days prior to the move
  • There’s an embedded provider for utilities: WINConnect for electricity and Origin Energy for hot water (aka gas)
  • Only the apartment owner or real estate agent can order apartment keys, FOBs (swipe tokens) and garage remotes

Commonly used OC documents…