The York Apartments

Address: 8-12 Olive York Way & 3-9 Duggan St, Brunswick West 3055

The Plans of Subdivision

This complex is split into 5 different OC’s. See the table below to find which plan is relevant to you

Street AddressBuilding Ref. Code & NameOC Plan of Sub #
The Entire ComplexThe York Apartments728974-1
3 Duggan StreetBuilding C: The Royal728974-2
8 Olive York WayBuilding D: The Hudson728974-3
9 Duggan StreetBuilding A: The Barkly728974-4
12 Olive York WayBuilding B: The Lincoln728974-5

3 Duggan Street

8 Olive York Way

9 Duggan Street

12 Olive York Way

The York Apartments – Entire Complex